Our training and professional development provides with a real-world perspective of the complex security challenges in today’s threat landscape. Our modular programmes enhance high level security cultures, raising standards in corporate duty of care and personal security awareness. Our objective is to maximise safety in life threatening situations, where dynamic risk assessments and active countermeasures could be the deciding factor for survival and continued corporate success.

Whilst our courses are structured with pre-requisites to meet awarding body requirements and guidelines from government agencies, our focus is industry specific with essential coverage to meet existing priorities and future requirements for each client.

We continually review all course subject matter, ensuring it is essential for the current threat environment. This guarantees maximum potential for participants to receive the knowledge, practical abilities and behaviours required. It also serves as our invigilation record of delivery in updates for changes in law and legislation, and other factors essential for recertification of instructor and skills refresher courses.

Where applicable, our course content reflects guidelines set by the International Organization for Standardization, the British Standards Institution, adheres to latest versions of UN Operational Instruction for Safety and Security Management, and the UN policy for Minimum Operating Security Standards (MOSS). Our training courses for Close Protection Operations are in accordance with BS 8507-1 and BS 8507-2, and far exceed the current requirements as specified by the UK Security Industry Authority.

Our training and development initiatives include but are not limited to;

  • Protective Security Frameworks for Corporations
  • Operational Requirements for Security Measures and Protection of Critical Infrastructure
  • Counter-Terrorism Awareness and Mitigation of Hostile Reconnaissance
  • Prevention and Response Procedures to Active Shooter Incidents
  • Conflict Management and Active Countermeasures to Physical Confrontation
  • Corporate Travel Security Initiatives
  • Corporate Security Culture Development and Management
  • Insider Threat Management and Workplace Violence Reduction Strategies
  • Lone Worker Safety Training
  • Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement
  • Body Worn Video Training in accordance with BS 8593
  • Close Protection Operations in accordance with BS 8507-1 and BS 8507-2

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