Protective Intelligence is now a pre-requisite to identify evolving trends, anticipate and prepare remedial action for future challenges. It is instrumental in supporting business strategies with credible information for competitive advantage, business resilience, and reputation management including monitoring of social media exposure.

We partner with clients and provide critical insight to identify, assess, and justify strategic decisions to manage complex security challenges. Whether threats are against corporations, key public figures or high value assets, our protective intelligence empowers a proactive perspective of risks.

Our protective intelligence enhances direction of corporate security cultures to a high government standard, enhances protective service teams with valuable insight for successful operations, and provides critical insight for pre-selection background screening in recruitment of key personnel.

Insider Threat Management

Protective Intelligence is a discreet leveraging application in detecting unintentional but potentially damaging negative impacts, and advances identification of intentional insider threats to corporations. Whether from sensitive positions of employment such as household staff of executive residences, yacht crews or contracted close protection teams, it highlights opportunity to potential unauthorized access of valuable information and disruptive patterns of corporate personnel, establishing a focus for workplace violence reduction strategies.

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