4Sight Risks Group provides a confidential and multi-disciplinary framework of intelligence-led services for discerning private clients and family offices. We partner as trusted advisors, delivering a wealth of bespoke solutions for clients to enjoy balanced, safe and secure lifestyles.

Our spectrum of services includes Protective Surveillance, a discreet and sophisticated approach to close protection, identifying threats with potential disruption to the safety and reputation of our clients. Our travel risk management ensures a proactive security culture throughout all phases of a travel programme, enhanced with GPS location tracking in real time, and monitoring with ‘geo-fencing’ to alert for any divert from a pre-set determined area or exceeded timeframe.

We safeguard family residences, developing privacy by design protocols to reduce risks associated with complexities of wealth and prominence. We compile insider threat intelligence and assertive security mindset structures for household staff and yacht crews, with modular training initiatives including; counterterrorism awareness, personal safety conflict management and active countermeasures against physical confrontation.

Our security consultants operate with a leading edge, forged from successful careers as tier one influencers with specialist skill sets, enhanced with a developed cultural understanding to manage sensitive issues with strict protocols aligning to each specific task.

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