We successfully manage a crisis with intrinsic qualities from a government security perspective, limiting damage, controlling recovery procedures, and defending the reputation and future of our client’s organization. Our responsibility covers a strategic, tactical and operational approach to increasing proactive control of risks, tightening security cultures and ensuring emergency preparedness policies are effective for accelerated recovery and continued resilience.

Our Crisis Management team partners with emergency services, disaster recovery, and client represented critical decision makers for security, media, and legal representation. We develop a managerial structure for scenario planning procedures, defining any physical, operational or procedural vulnerabilities.

Our reviews analyse all risks, and their association with assets and threats. We operate a matrix of time critical remedial strategies, calculate the probability and severity of negative impact factors, establishing priorities and resources for intelligent crisis management.

Our business continuity management is in accordance with all relevant international standards, including strategic protocols for specific risks and recovery procedures. These address natural disasters, workplace violence, targeted disruption to safety of operations, and threats to damage existing or future client objectives and reputation. Our special projects team assess all direct threats to lives of corporate personnel, private clients and immediate family. Our threat management process defines appropriate countermeasures for violent protesters, life threatening activity such as arson, and planning and response procedures for active shooter incidents and acts of terrorism.

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